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Putting the Go in Goal Setting Webinar

As part of my ongoing #CEOSunday series, I want to share my favorite Work It Shop with you.  Putting the GO in Goal Setting.

You don't need a moment in time to start working on your big goals. I want to push you to re-calibrate from where you are today to blow your goals out of the water.  It takes between 33 to 66 days to create a new habit and roughly 90 days to see the results from those new behaviors. This workshop is designed to help create clarity and an action plan over the next 90 days.  We’re hoping to create habits that will set you up for strong rest of the fiscal year.

In this 30 minute workshop, we cover the 3S:

  • SMART Goal setting
  • Simple tracking
  • Structured Accountability
  • And my favorite productivity hacks

How to prepare for this workshop:

  • To be a real gold star, download, print and review the Goal Setting Work It Book
  • Bring a brand new notebook (not a re-purposed one with your grocery list in it... a brand new never been used notebook)
  • Be prepared to work through this in real time
  • Be flexible and willing to think differently
  • Bring your positive attitude
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BTSW Bootcamp -- Special guest

Yes, your workplace is sexist. And yes, there are practical things you can do to fight back!

Join KUOW at The Riveter in Seattle's Capitol Hill for our first BTSW Boot Camp, your opportunity to learn and practice the strategies discussed in our new podcast, Battle Tactics for Your Sexist Workplace (BTSW).

Laugh/cry over a game of Battle Bingo with hosts Eula Scott Bynoe and Jeannie Yandel, hear from special guest Keita Williams (founder of Success Bully and guest on BTSW’s upcoming Manterruption episode), and find out who will be crowned our first Boss Tactician!

Come with your stories and questions. Leave with strategies, allies, and battle tactics.

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Ladies Get Paid -- Seattle Conference

2018 will be the best damn year of your professional life.

We're here to make that happen.

Get Money Get Paid is a 1-day event that will help you rise up at work.

You'll learn how to be promoted into leadership, command your dollars, and embrace your ambition. You'll also connect to other formidable women who will join you in changing the world of work as we know it.

We’re taking Get Money Get Paid on the road this year with our first stop in Seattle on March 31st. Follow us @ladiesgetpaid to see where we’re headed to next. 

As Janelle Monae said, "we mean business."  Learn more.

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New Year's In October -- Work It Shop

How are you feeling your accomplishments in 2017?

Are you feeling stuck? Are you unsure of that next move?

Let's not wait until January 1st to get started. It’s #NewYearsInOctober!

We’re officially in the final quarter of the year and I want to push you to get a jump on your 2018 goals. It takes roughly 30 days to create a new habit and truthfully 90 days before you see the results from that new habit. Sooooooo… why not set yourself up for an amazing 2018?!?!

In this workshop, we cover the 3S:

  • SMART Goal setting
  • Simple tracking
  • Structured Accountability

What you need to bring to this class?

  • A brand new notebook (not a repurposed one with your grocery list in it... a brand new never been used notebook)
  • Your thoughts on all the things you want to accomplish in the next 14.5 months
  • A willingness think differently
  • A positive attitude

What you need to leave at home?

  • Your tears
  • Your fears
  • Your self -pity

Special thanks to our sponsors Doyenne Legal -- the Femme-powered, full-service, badass business law firm.

RSVP here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/new-years-in-october-work-it-shop-tickets-38607811002


Let's get after it!

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The FBomb Cocktail Club at The Riveter


Months of early morning badassery. All that hustle. Grinding it out and building an empire. Who doesn't need a mother f*ck!ng cocktail?

Join your fellow F*Bombers and friends for an evening (yes, an evening) of rip roaring revelery with a side of attitude.

Facilitated fun. Open mic. Games and shenanigans. Like a giant pit of amazeballs, without the pit.

Bites and bevvies included. Sorry, no babies and puppies this time, but boys are ok.

Special thanks to Doyenne Legal PLLC, Success Bully, and The Riveter.

Interested in sponsoring? Contact team@fbombbreakfastclub.com


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Success Bully Workshop -- Rule Your Time
6:00 PM18:00

Success Bully Workshop -- Rule Your Time

Can you believe the second half of the year is upon us? Where are you with your 2017 goals? A key component of goal attainment is the ability to keep on top of your time.

At Success Bully, we’re controversial. We don't believe in trying to manage your time! Management implies that it has free will and a choice in behaving. Move your mindset from manager to monarch…You are the Queen or King of your Time!

In this interactive workshop, we’ll cover power calendering, wicked sprints and prioritization strategies to help you RULE YOUR TIME.

Bring your own damn notebook and your paper calendar (yes, I said paper calendar).

RSVP via Eventbrite:  https://www.eventbrite.com/e/rule-your-time-tips-to-get-on-top-of-your-day-tickets-35447380068

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