Join me for New Year’s in October

At Success Bully, we are professional butt kickers! Success Bully is an elite accountability practice for high achievers and Type As who are stuck and need strategic support (a professional butt-kicking) to create momentum in their personal and professional lives.

If you have looked up and realized we are in the homestretch of 2019 and you are nowhere near your goals or you have been recycling the same goals year after year, let’s do something different!

It’s more widely known now that it takes 33 to 66 days to develop a new habit and roughly 90 days to 6 months before seeing marked results of those changes.  So…Why not get a start on your 2020 goals now?

We love helping gifted procrastinators learn how to get the F out of their own way by action-based goal setting, so they stop wasting their time and talents and start taking actions to achieve the life they deserve.

New Year’s in October is a 6-week online training and group coaching program to get you on track. Because we believe in the 90-day sprint for habit formation and to get you into the rhythm for growth we offer 6-additional weeks of accountability check-ins. 

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