Episode 1: Falling off the Discipline Wagon

Success Bully was launched after what felt like a series of back to back personal and professional “Failures.” Personally, 2016 was one those years filled with more transition than actual progress. You name it and it happened.  At the end of the year, I dusted off my vision board and woefully looked at the goals I had set for myself late in 2015.  It was an eye-opening experience. Most areas I made no forward motion and in a few I actually moved in reverse.

This spiraled me into an inspired frenzy. What could I have done differently? The answer was ridiculously simple --  Have a plan and some good old fashioned accountability. Then I had a bigger epiphany, others need this too! And thus, Success Bully was born.  Success Bully is an accountability practice helping individuals and organizations develop SMART goals, break them into action plans with intentional accountability to exceed expectations.

This podcast will focus on sharing hacks, encouragement as well as insights from successful individuals to help you achieve more.