Episode 25: Grind When No One is looking

We are wrapping up #ActionAugust! In Episode 25, my guest Rian Buckley CEO and Co-founder of Fitcode, a fashion data company that enhances the denim shopping experience by focusing on fit, not size brings it again. She encourages us all with great fervor to “Grind When No One Is Looking!”

Before she became a powerhouse CEO, Rian was an elite athlete at the University of Washington and a fashion model traveling the globe. Both of those experiences taught her to be disciplined, competitive and a wise ruler of her time. She reminds us there is always going to be someone smarter, prettier, stronger and more talented than you. If you can work harder than everyone else, you’ll get the results.  You have to be disciplined and do the work to win.

Special thanks to Larj Media for all the magic!