Putting the GO in Goal Setting

Sunday, January 13 - 3pm PST/ 5pm CST/ 6pm EST

You don't need a moment in time to start working on your big goals. I want to push you to re-calibrate from where you are today to blow your goals out of the water.  It takes between 33 to 66 days to create a new habit and roughly 90 days to see the results from those new behaviors. This workshop is designed to help create clarity and an action plan over the next 90 days.  We’re hoping to create habits that will set you up for strong rest of the fiscal year.

In this 45 minute workshop, we will cover 3 Tips to Kick Your Own A$$

  • GET REAL: Get off your a$$ and get started on your big hairy audacious goal

    • We engage in an interactive exercise to develop a singular focus SMART Goal. Tell us your what, your why and we will show you how to accomplish it.

  • GET SMART: We fine-tune your goal so it is S.M.A.R.T

    • We connect you to a custom 90 day action plan that creates habits to achieve your SMART Goal. Action plans are designed to be purposeful, realistic and reasonable to help keep you on track.

  • GET ON TRACK: We will share tips to track your progress on a daily basis, so you always know your potential.

    • Leave this webinar with the immediate desire to kick your own a$$ as well as know you next move for today and the next 90 days. If you can't kick your own a$$, you have the option to join me for structured accountability to achieve your goal.

How to prepare for this workshop:

  • To be a real gold star, download, print and review the Goal Setting Work It Book

  • Bring a brand new notebook (not a re-purposed one with your grocery list in it... a brand new never been used notebook)

  • Be prepared to work through this in real time

  • Be flexible and willing to think differently

  • Bring your positive attitude